Manf w/ Best Motherboard Warranty/RMA Program?

Anyone know of any Manufacturer with a reliable RMA Program? Had bad experience with Biostar a year ago having to send in a motherboard for warranty and getting it back after a month (Initial Shipping + BioStar processing + return ship time).

Now I'm faced with the same dilemma with my current MSI 990FXA-GD65 Motherboard. Being quoted 7-10 business days for processing once they received it. I can't stand nor do I want to deal with extended downtime, nor do I feel I should need to replace a 7mo old motherboard.

I know other companies with other products can do advanced exchanges or have extremly quick turnaround times. Trying to read various motherboard websites warranty and RMA programs doesn't give me a clear idea if they have advanced exchange, or give me an expectation of what kind of turn around time. Anyone have advice?
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  1. Well the 'best' is probably EVGA. If you can arrange a cross-ship then that cuts the time in more than half, ASUS & MSI offers cross-ship on MOBO's that they have available on-hand.

    Ask MSI if they offer cross-ship with your MOBO; essentially you buy another MOBO or your credit card has a replacement cost 'hold' until the RMA MOBO is received and processed by MSI and your credit card hold is removed or credit applied. No MOBO Mfg will warranty a bent CPU pin...just know that.

    BTW - a 30 day total turn around on a typical RMA is unfortunately normal.
  2. Yeah trying that, i was told no they don't do cross ship so I asked for a supervisor. Supposedly no one is available so I'm supposed to be contacted back. It's only been an hour since that call so I still have to wait. Considering your saying they do, I'm wondering if I was speaking with some minimum wage script monkey that knew nothing.

    EVGA...*sigh* wonderful they don't make AM3 boards. Maybe I should just give up on AMD. Motherboard was less than a year old so I've been waiting for Piledriver(assuming it won't be a flop). Somehow I feel like I'm on a sinking ship with AMD lately.

    Edit: Saw your edit. Yeah I know RMA's can be lengthy at times. I just feel a good company with good customer support should have such a program. I mean, having a credit card charge put in place in the event of fraud minimizes any financial damage they could occur, so why not have that option?
  3. Well I know MSI earlier this year did offer cross-shipping, but it's been a while (knock on wood).

    IF (I'm hoping here) you purchased the MSI 30 days or less ago then RMA through your retailer. Example NewEgg I can get an RMA product in a day or two using their Expedited RMA where you do get charged and then credited upon their receipt and inspection; essentially you're buying a new product and getting a refund.
  4. They said no and I can't even seem to reach a supervisor -_- lousy service from MSI
  5. Well that's not good, breadboard your system before sending it off and if it still fails then run on over to UPS (or whoever you use for shipping). Hurry up and wait.

    Good Luck!
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