MCP73VT-PM Motherboard Swap Question

Here I am with another question for all you wonderful people who have helped me (thank you) :D

I have an E-Machine that needs a MOBO (a coil melted or fried or whatever you call it I have pictures if necessary lol). All the little components are in perfect working order but The PC is an Emachine ET1641-02W. The MOBO number is MCP73VT-PM and the OS on the HD is Windows Vista Home Premium. Someone offered us a brand new MOBO with the same number so we thought we would try replacing it before we buy a new computer.

Scenario: my husband has 20+ years experience in the power generation industry and has replaced hundreds of boards in them. However, no experience replacing MOBO on PC's. I tried googling MOBO swap/replacement/etc but WOW so many differing opinions out there! So I decided to post here for expert advice ;)

Question: will it be ok to swap out the bad board with a brand new one with the same number? Any suggestions for things to do first, steps to avoid, or problems could he possibly encounter? Will Windows boot up or do we have to have a disk (which we don't have the PC did not come with one)?

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions! You guys rock & I appreciate your previous assistance :sol:
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  1. Anyone?? :??:
  2. If the Mobo is from the same type and number, there should be no problems when you perform a swap.

    Is te Mobo from a different type/manufacturer you WILL need to reinstall windows.
    Because most manufactorers use different chipsets, and your windows will not run on these.
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