PC for video editing for small non-profit

What we are
A small non-profit for heritage preservation and regional development. Based in the Czech Republic, with an Iowa-based sister organization.

What we are going to do:
Making short video’s for mobile content for our education trails. Each point of interest on the trail has a Beetagg/QR-code sign through which you can connect to a mobile-content website and download info on that place to your handy.

Making short education video’s to be used in presentations and in our museum using data projectors.

Making short video’s for our normal websites

No gaming, no high-end professional full-time video editing.

The best we now have:
A 2009-built Acer Travelmate 7730G (Intel core 2 Duo processor P8700, 3 Mb L cache, 4 Gb DDR2, NVidia GeForce 9600M GT). The rest of our hardware is older and does not come close in power to this one.

A Sony DCR-HC85E miniDV digital camera and a Sony HDR-SR10 HD AVCHD digital camera, with lots of material already on miniDV tapes and some digital video material from professionals. Software: Adobe design Premium CS3.

What we are considering to build:
I am a newbie in this field, so I googled and found videoguys. Their 2010 recommendation for a budget DIY sounded balanced, so I used it as starting point. The following components for home-building would set us back about $$ 1,880 locally (lousy exchange rate).

$ 265 Motherboard Asus P6X58D-E intel X58
$ 320 CPU intel i7 950 (the 970 would set us back another $650)
$ 130 RAM Kingston 3x 4 GB)
$ 420 Nvidia GTX 570 (470 or 480 are alternatives similar in price)
$ 110 HDD Hitachi 1.5 Tb 7K for editing work
$ 250 SSD 120 GB as separate OS hard disk
$ 110 CD Rom Blue-ray RW
$ 125 Power 850 watt
$ 150 Tower Antec ninehundredtwo or similar

This is only for these components through internet retail; no software, no mouse or keyboards or monitors included yet. The best monitors we have are Acer AL 1951 and AL 1751, now about 4 years old. We can include better monitors in our next projects, so they are of less concern right now.

Unfortunately, the $ 1,900 is about the max we have in project funding for this computer. With this project funding, we also HAVE to spend this money; trying to save money will mean it will get lost or disappear elsewhere in the project. We can buy additional components with savings, but that is it, we cannot put savings in our pocket. Also, part of the policy is that we buy local, that is, through Czech companies (internet or direct retail). That means Amazon etc are out.

Questions now are
- Is this set-up ok for what we want or way too good (probably).
- Can we shave something off somewhere and get better cooling or other hardware?
- Something in hardware or software missing?

- Asus P6X58D-E intel X58 with i7 950 or Gigabite Z68 with i7 950? (about $ 130 cheaper)
- P8Z68-V PRO - Intel Z68 i7 970 or Sandybridge 2600K? (about $100 cheaper)
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  1. I'm not sure but won't the ones you listed here be too overkill for just making short videos? Is it 3d videos or just editing videos? Oh yeah after reading the rest of your post, I think it'd be better if you just buy 3 computers if you plan on just simple video editing.
  2. We initially have to make at least 10 short videos (about three to five minutes long) for mobile content, later (early next year or so) another 10 will follow. They have to run good both on normal websites and on mobile phones and be quick in downloading to mobile phones.

    We also have to make around five to ten educational videos to be used during presentations and for distributions on CD.

    So we need to get ONE dedicated video editing computer.

    The DIY recommended above is our first idea, but we are looking into maybe a bit better combo. Maybe that was confusing.

    The mentioned DIY has an X58 motherboard with i7-950 CPU. The alternatives we are looking in and hope people would comment on are getting a Z68 motherboard with i7-950 CPU or a i7 2600K CPU. So X58 or Z68 motherboards and i7-950 or i7-2600K Sandybridge CPU's.
  3. What video editing program will you be using?
  4. Adobe CS 3 design premium, hoping to get Adobe CS 5 pro later this year
  5. Bumping this up in the hope to get some more replies.

    One main point I am still unsure about is whether to choose the Asus P6X58D-E intel X58 with the i7 950 or the P8Z68-V PRO - Intel Z68 with the i7 2600K.

    Several of our videos we would like both on our websites and in adapted and shortened version for mobile content. We now have only CS3 design premium as software, it is not sure if we will get CS5 Premier Pro in time for the deadline of most of the videos.

    The Z68 set-up is more future-proof, but maybe with what we want, the X58 combo might perform better or more stable at this moment. Any ideas??
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