Flops/Watts comparison of Intel Atom, Xeon and Core2duo

As my semester project, I have to measure Flops/Watts for Intel Atom, Xeon and core2duo using some benchmark(e.g. SPEC2005). Based on those results I have to compare these systems.
The second part is optimise these systems to increase Flops/Watts.
Can anyone help me to get started.
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  1. did you ever produce this, I have a business project that I'm looking to produce this table with..
  2. from experience, Atoms are very efficient, low power, no perfromance and can hardly do 2 things at once(2 web pages at the same time), XEON, OMG they can make your power meter spin, C2D can be throttled some and a little more power efficient, but CPU's are like a car, if you want a 700 HP car with good gas mileage- forget it
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