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I want to buy a system for autocad2012 drafting with window 64bit os., with 8gb ram, 500 gb hard disk. aS I am a noob in hardware please guide me.
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  1. whats the budget?
    only 2d drafting?
    student/casual use? or do you need an honest to god workstation that is there to make sure you get a paycheck?
  2. $700 is the budget. 2D drafting, in the future may be BIM. I am self employed. I work on Three to four drawings at a time. My current system is Intel core 2 duo E7500 @2.93GHz. 4GB ram. Using Autocad 2010, but it is not satisfactory.
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    well that budget takes you out of even an entry-level workstation, and leaves me kinda hard pressed to pluck out quality reliable components for a system with room to grow and since you use it to make money rather then to play games i'm gonna say stability is king.

    if I were building it for you, i'd press for at least this level $189 $134 $54 $99 $59 $170
    *note you'll need to swap out the low-profile bracket yourself $58

    total $736 without software

    leaves you the option to add another 8gb of ram, get a ssd and use it for disk caching with the z68 chipset, maybe upgrade to ivy bridge down the road, and the psu should be able to handle midrange workstation gpu's if the need arises.
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