GTX570 2.5gb @1920x1080 amd cpu suggestion

I am about to buy a evga gtx570 2.5gb and i am waiting on bulldozer, (who knows when that will be) but if i dont wait on a bulldozer and get one maybe in a 6-8months instead will the x4 965 be enough cpu for this card or will i get bottleneck at 1920x1080.

Please give me input

Also was wondering honestly how much fps difference between that 570 above and the 560ti 2gb in fps at 1920x1080. In my brain im trying to justify the 400 vs 280 i would spend, i want some peace of mind, LOL!

Thanks for your help

PS. will sli in thge next 6 months also
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  1. Go with 570.The difference between 570 and 560Ti is notable(especially on resolutions like 1080p)
  2. The 560Ti offers between 80-95% of the performance of the 570 depending on the game and resolution. Even so that extra 20% performance can be the difference between noticing a slow down or not. I say if you can afford the 570 go for it. If it's stretching your wallet and you're worried about the bang for your buck, get the 560Ti and overclock it to make up the gap. You may also want to look at getting a 6950.
  3. After much research and alotta hesitation i ended up buying the gtx570 hd sc from evga, so i hope i am happy with the card im piecing this machine together piece by piece and now just require a processor and a hdd and ssd i hope i am happy with my choice im mainly gonna be playing swtor when it arrives and i will sli when the prices drop.

    I wonder if you guys could give me good cpu choices for amd and hopefully the cards vram will be enough for 1920x1080 at 24 inches.

    Thoughts help would be nice.

    Ps payed 300 out the door including tax after rebates so i think i did pretty good ty frys and 4th of july.
  4. Ok cool after looking i wil prob go with a 1100t x6 as they are dropping in price weekly.

    Current build as of right now any suggestions welcome:

    Asus sabertooth 990fx
    evga gtx570 hd sc 1.2gb
    gskill ripjaw 16gb @1600 ddr3 ram
    Raidmax rx-1000ae
    Coolermaster haf 932

    So still need hdd ssd and media drive plus cpu, and monitor, and windows 7 suggestions welcome i have about 600-700 left to finish up!
  5. yeah i know the ram is overkill but it was cheap paid 110 dollars for the 16gb so didnt exactly break the bank.

    I play alotta mmos and i multitask alot while playing so was thinking that a 6 core would benefit me the most also i read that my mobo was designed to help the x6 perform better as it is a new am3+ board so wanted to take advantage from this.
  6. am3+ has nothing to do with the 6 cores by the way. All am3+ means is that your mobo is ready to upgrade to a bulldozer cpu. Thats it. Basically, everyone else who has AM2 and even some AM3 motherboards I imagine will need to upgrade their motherboards before they can upgrade their cpu to a bulldozer.

    16gb is WAYY overkill. While you got it relatively cheap, you can save yourself $50 an dget an 8gb solution that will work 100% the same. You will never tap into more than 8gb. Now, use those $50 plus what you were going to spend on that PSU and get yourself a quality brand PSU, not raidmax. Get either Corsair, OCZ, or Antec @ 850-1000k watts and you are golden.
  7. If you read i have already bought some time ago both the powers upply and the ram. so too late to save money.

    And by the way according to asus in the newegg video the rep says that the new 990 series mobos do increase performance on the x6 chips, you may want to watch the video, im not sure how much but he says the new mobos are specifically designed with 6-8 cores in mind and they improved the mobos to help those chips perform better.

    Like i said how much i dont know but he clearly states that, could be marketing nonsense but i can only go off of what i have seen or read from the manufacters.

    Had i known it was way overkill on the ram prob would saved 50 bucks and got something to help me finish teh build quicker but oh well.
  8. yeah i think with the 4 core selection you are right, i was simply stating what i saw on a video with the asus rep, like i said no idea if what he said was marketing mumbo jumbo, but i will take your word for it.

    Amd x4 965 seems like a good choice and i thank you guys for your suggestions. i hope to have the rig finished by the end of the month and really look forward to the results.

    Thankyou for the suggestions.
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