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Hello, i have install a new biostar a780l3b m board and a amd SDX130HBK12GM processor.
will not load windows starts to load until it says
"starting windows" then hangs up and does not go any further. i contacted biostar and they repaced mboard said that was problem. new mboard installed and same problem. I am now bald from pulling all my hair out in frusthrution and about ready to turn this machine into a boat anchor any help would be very apperacited
grampa doug
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  1. Did you perform fresh installation of windows after mobo install?
  2. yes thats what i am trying to do install start and runs until it says" starting windows " then it hangs up and goes no further. also have on anothe hd a copy of windows xp that just hangs up and will not start. have tried swithing hd around one that is formated and one with a copy of windows xp and lots of other stuff that i would like to keep. neither will run both hang up
  3. I mean format drive and re-install again. With a new mobo there need to install clean windows again.
  4. Is it a HDD or an SSD?
  5. check that the mb bios is up to date. i dont know if i was looking at the same board from biostar but the bios that i looked at were for cpu code update. (version 7x )
    if it not the same mb then check that the sata ports are set to achi not raid. if the mb and cpu have video and your also using a gpu..pull the gpu let the system boot and install the drivers it needs for the mb and onboard video first. once the mb drivers are installed and the video drivers for the onboard gpu. power down and install the gpu. then boot into the bios and make sure the gpu is set for the first video device and onboard is turned off. one other thing to check is that you have the mb and ram speed and timing set right. check that the ram is read right you may have to change the ram speed or voltage. two things to check is the cpu and ram been qal on your mb.
  6. did the bios update and no change what mb and ram speed should i use?
    also am somewhat a newbe what is qal and gpu?
  7. So you re-install windows and no work?
  8. that is the prob i am trying to install windows xp and from the cd only runs until it says "starting window" at the bottom of the screen and then it hangs up. i have install the latest bios and have loaded the default setting into bios. i also have a nother hard drive that has windows loaded on it but i hangs up when i try to boot to it
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