Can't decide on which mobo

Hi everyone, I'm currently setting up a new built, but I can't decide on the mobo. I currently have the Asus P8Z77V-LK (bought in a hurry), but i was wondering, if i should change it for Gigabyte Z77X-D3H, or should i spend more and get a Asrock Z77 Extreme6 instead? I'm pretty much tempted by the extra SATA slots, and the extra USB3.0s on I/O panel, but is it worth the switch, in terms of built quality, software and future proofing? Asrock Z77 Extreme4 is currently out of stock, and other models are kinda out of budget/no supply. Plus I also had bad experiences with Asrock. Also i heard that the GSATAs on GB mobo is kinda tricky to use?

I'm currently with a i5-3570K, 2x4GB Kingston HyperX ddr3-1600, WD Caviar Black 1TB, Windows 7 Ultimate, 1 SATA Samsung DVD-RAM, 1x SATA 1TB WD HDD & 1x SATA 2TB Samsung HDD as storage.
I'll not be a heavy overclocker, sub 4.4GHz, more focused on future/long term use with the best bang-of-the-buck setup. Will only be overclocking from time to time. Planning on getting a SSD in near future to use as OS.
The reason i first got the Asus P8Z77V-LK was for the GPU Boost feat, in hopes it can help out with some temporary gaming with iGPU while i wait to get a new Graphics card. SLI/CF MIGHT only be in a distant future plan.

So should i keep it, or change it for something else? What's your opinion? Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Sounds like a decision YOU need to make.

    Do you need the extra sata's, extra usb 3.0's and software?

    Future proofing is irrelevent, they are all Z77's.

    I've had nothing but good luck with Asrock, I don't recommend anything else, they are no doubt the best bang for the buck and are now the 3rd largest mobo manufacturer in the World.
  2. So far i'm still not using a lot of USB3.0 devices. as for the SATA ports, i feel like i might be getting close to using all of them up with only 6.
    Yeah, no doubt the Asrock Extreme4 has great value, but currently out of stock. Extreme6 is available with added costs, but most of its other features i won't be using probably. Asrock has no doubt improved so much over the years ;)
    1) How about the GB mobo with GSATA? is it ok or somewhat not worth the trouble changing for it? The salesperson told me that d GSATAs are not usable if i'm using the intel chipset ones... is it true?
    2) The GPU boost feature, is it just Asus marketing skill or a feature on all Z77 boards? does it really do much for HD4000? can't find much benchmarks about it...
  3. It looks to me like the board you have is just fine for your needs.
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