Which graphics cards can replace a GeForce 9500 GS?

Hi guys,

I have a relatively old store-bought computer (about 3 years old), however it still has a fairly decent CPU (Core 2 Quad Q6700) and a good amount of RAM (4GB DDR2). Unfortunately, the graphics card is pretty terrible - it's an old GeForce 9500 GS, which from what I gather was not that good when it was first released, let alone now. I'm therefore planning to upgrade the graphics card, and so my question(s) are as follows:

1. Is it possible to tell what types of graphics cards nowadays would be compatible with my motherboard from the above info? If so, which ones?

2. Would anybody have a recommendation as to mid-high range graphics card I could get, that I could also use if I were to build a computer about a year down the track? I'm open to the notion of doubling graphics cards on the built computer, so the graphics card I'd get wouldn't have to be top of the range - just good enough to run this years games fairly well, and I could probably double it later for better performance.

I'm not sure if this is enough info to tell what's compatible, but if necessary I can open up the computer to find out anything else - I'd just like to know what I'm looking for before I start tinkering, as I'm not all that great with computer innards :) .

Thanks in advance!
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  1. what is your motherboard make and model?
  2. mjsharma said:
    what is your motherboard make and model?

    No idea - it was a store-bought system that I got a while ago, so I don't know the specifics. Is it possible to work it out based on the graphics card/CPU? If not, if I were to open up the computer, how would I find out the model?
  3. download cpu-z and get the details of your mobo
  4. Thanks, downloaded the program. It's telling me that the mainboard is an ACER Model MCP73PV (NVIDIA MCP73). With the CPU, it says that the "Package" is 'Socket 775 LGA,' if that's relevant. Anything else you need to know? As I say, I'm not that tech-savvy so I'm not sure what's relevant.
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    Being an Acer Model MCP73PV, your motherboard does not support "double" graphics card. :)
    It will support only one PCIe Graphics Card so you might as well choose one that will meet your requirement.

    If just a replacement for your 9500GS, the easiest option is an HD6670 or HD5670 depending on what is available in your area.

    But to be certain we recommend the best for you, tell us the following:
    1. What is your monitor resolution ( preferably give us the brand & model too ).
    2. What is your primary use for the PC? - Work, Gaming, Video editing, etc...
    3. Please take picture of the Power Supply of your PC ( need to look inside ) preferably showing the information printed at the side like this:

    The intention is for us to check if your power supply can support more powerful graphics card.
  6. Thanks again for the reply. The 'doubling' of the card would be for a future computer that I am considering building, which would have a different motherboard. That said, I'm not really sure of the pros and cons of doubling the card yet, so I'll do some more research first. The replacement for the 9500GS would just be to tide me over for the next year or so (I don't have the cash around for a full PC at the moment), and so would preferably be good enough to run games like Skyrim on decent settings - mid to high graphics or so would be nice. As for the resolution and power supply, I'll probably get around to finding out some time over the next couple of days, and will post the info then.

    Thanks for the help so far guys, it's much appreciated! :)
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  8. Having done some research, I found that the power supply is only 300W, which I'll probably want to upgrade no matter what the other specs are. Also, I din't realise that practically all motherboards and GPU's are compatible (silly me!). Therefore, I'll open a new thread to ask about a GPU/PSU combo, as it's a new topic and I can be more concise in the OP. Thanks for the help randomkid and mjsharma!
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