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Is the GeForce GTX 590 made up of two GTX 560 or 570 cores? Putting two GTX 580 cores on a single PCB would be virtually impossible because of the enormous power requirements and heat production. The Radeon HD 6990 is made from two HD 6970 cores. The HD 6970 is almost on par with the performance of the GTX 570. There is only about a 5-10% clock-for-clock performance differential between the two cards.

I believe ASUS is making it's "Mars" edition of the GTX 590. but I don't see how they can possibly put two GTX 580 cores on a single PCB given all of the inherent problems of that task. If they do, the cores would have to be severely downclocked and "crippled," and the PCB would have to be extremely large. And I doubt that even two 8-pin power connectors from a 1,500W power supply could satisfy the power requirements of such a graphics card.
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  1. GTX 590 is 2 580's cards on one GPU.(downclocked)
  2. no, the gtx 590 IS two gtx 580s on one board. they are downclocked a bit which allows them to fit on one board.
  3. GeForce GTX 580
    GPU : GF110
    CUDA Cores : 512
    Streaming Multiprocessors(SM) : 16
    Core Clock : 772 MHz
    Shader Clock : 1544 MHz
    Memory Clock : 4008 MHz
    Memory Interface Width : 384-bit
    TDP : 244 Watts

    GeForce GTX 590
    GPU : 2x GF110
    CUDA Cores : 2x 512
    Streaming Multiprocessors(SM) : 2x 16
    Core Clock : 607 MHz
    Shader Clock : 1215 MHz
    Memory Clock : 3414 MHz
    Memory Interface Width : 384-bit per GPU
    TDP : 365 Watts

    They both use exactly the same GF110 GPU.

    As you can see the GTX 590's GPUs needed to be downclocked by 21.4% to stay with the PCI Express maximum power envelope of 375 Watts.
  4. My mistake,thanks for clearing it up guys :) just edited my post.
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