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I have an Alienware with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 740 @ 1.73GHz 1.73 GHz. My laptop is experiencing slow startups and an overall performance decrease. I have ran disk clean up, defrag, cleaned up files and programs, and unchecked some programs on startup in msconfig. My Windows experience index for the processor is currently 4.4 with all other ratings being in the upper 5's and lower 6's for all other components. Any advice on what can do to speed up my processor again?
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  1. Wow that is weird when i see this:

    Try going into the bios and reseting it to optimized defaults and retake the test.

    When has the problem started? Have you changed any windows settings? Is it overheating?
  2. Dang I wish I could see those numbers on here. The problem started a while ago. I reinstalled windows and it was a temporary fix. May try to call Alienware to see what they say too. Thank you
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