Dell studio 540 cpu and psu problem

i'm having several problems with my studio 540 that i just purchased in 2009.

I turned my computer off one night and the next it refused to turn on..nothing at all, no lights although the psu light was lit on the back of the computer. I called dell and my warranty had just run out!! They recommended a new motherboard and front i/o panel for some reason. I got a refurbished board and computer still wouldnt turn on. The tech that came out said its probaby the psu so i got an old psu from another computer and everything worked fine. The tech and i figured that the motherboard was good all along so i saved my old one. The fan stopped working in the psu that i have now but its stil powering my system. i just bought a corsair tx 650 modular from amazon. Get it home and it wont boot my system. The cpu fan spins, the case fan spins then stops, a solid amber light appears on the front of the computer, the monitor wont display anything.

Do i have just a bad psu and i should return it to amazon?? I know its not the board because i tested both boards with my old psu and everything works fine with it.

any advice on a better psu or should i try to buy another corsair?

Also my processor i think is running to high..i downloaded the dell support center program and it shows temps of about 60c for all 4 cores with the first core running a little hotter. i then downloaded realtemp 3.6 and i averaging about 55 just doing basic stuff like posting here. I think i may need to install some grease on my processor since when i removed the heatsink there was crud on the part of the heatsink that touches the processor and the top of the processor that shows the model number is gone. Any recommendations for the grease?

i have intel core 2 quad core q9400 processor

ati radeaon 3650 ..i think this is getting too hot too since it was real hot when i touched it and its temp is it 58c

any help would be appreciated


any hep would be appreciated..ive been told my processor is good and i love my computer
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  1. If all your connections are on correctly, including the CPU power connector, then a blinking amber light usually means that the motherbd is receiving power from the pUS but has another power issue thats usually motherbd related; and a solid amber light usually means a device is having a problem.

    I would remove all but 1 ram module, reseat the video card and make sure gpu power is plugged in or remove it and use the onboard if you have one, remove all other add in cards.
  2. ill try that in a couple of hours. i was so disgusted that it didn't work after spending the whole day tinkering that i packed it up ready to be sent back to corsair or amazon.

    i was also looking at something..maybe my motherboard cant support that psu?? on the box it says its atx12v 2.3 and backwards compatable with atx12v 2.2 and 2.01. i have the stock motherboard that comes with dell studio 540..its m0175
  3. just an going to return the psu back to doesn't work .. i also solved my processor problem seems i need to clean it and the heatsink and reapply my temps are at around c which is much better..i imagine it wil go down even more in 200 hours
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