Looking to build a 1000-1200$ gaming rig need help with parts

So I am willing to spend 1000-1200$ for a gaming rig. Have a guy that will put it together for me. What I want to know is what parts I should get. Just to give you guys a heads up, I would like the following in the build

GTX 570 2.5GB


8 Gigs of Ram (maybe 6 if I can get away with it)

I am hoping to stay around the 1000$ mark. I will be using this system for gaming, the OS should be included in the price. I was thinking about getting a rig off cyber power pc but I think I can get more bang for my buck by going with a pre-built system.

Thanks for the help!

Edit: Just realized they have builds already in this forum. My bad!
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  1. CPU: 2500k $220
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance White 2x4GB 1600MHz $63
    MotherBoard: Asus ROG LGA1155 $180
    PSU: Antec 750w $100
    VGA: GTx 570 $340
    Case: Corsair 400R $100
    HeatSink CPU: CM212+ $28

    EDIT: You can get probably better one for same price lol...
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