Fractal design define R3 Vs cooler Master silencio 550

fractal design define R3 Vs cooler Master silencio 550? the silencio is about £10 cheaper, which one is quieter, higher build quality etc?
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  1. Silencio
    Pros: Room for all the latest hardware. Its Cheaper, its got a sd card reader for all your cameras, external drive reader for hot swaps. all black inside and out, with great cable management. I personally think the silencio looks dope.

    Cons: slow fans, might not fit massive water cooling equipment, I assume your not into all that? lol, coolings not amazing but with a few mods you can make this compete with high end cases.

  2. R3 ^^
    Pros: better airflow and better sound deadening foam. again good cable management and comes with a fan controller.

    cons: More expensive, (over priced in my opinion) if this case was the same price as the silencio i would tell you to go buy it lol if money is not an problem pick this one, but it doesnt look as good as the cooler master.
  3. Conclusion: I think that these cases are quite similar, but at the end of the day its your opinion that makes all the difference. I think that the r3 can offer you more for gaming but its only one tiny thing that holds back the silencio which is air flow (which is pretty easy to improve).

    but hey again, there isn't much difference that separates these cases, if your not into modifying cases go get the R3. The silencio on the other hand might take a half a day to prepare it for high end gaming. what do you plan to do with your computer?

    All the best, jesse
  4. well i just gona put one put a 2500k and 560ti in it. not gona overclock cpu for a long time(too complicated), but probably gonna overclock the 560ti when the need arise. but for the time being, no overclocking. i will mostly only surf internet and hd movie, but will play latest game as well. longest gaming session is about 3 hour.

    to be honest i l think silencio looks better, no roof fan hole. and i dont really care noise when gaming, so as long as temp is low enough it will be good.
  5. Like i said mate, if you just wanna chuck ya gear in and go, get the r3 its got better cooling for your gaming needs.. (: but if you like the look of the silencio like i did, put more fans in maybe. the stock silencio, will be about roughly 6 degress hotter inside then most "quiet cases" tbh, im buying one of these cases atm, im planning to fit it with 4, 120mm fans and a 200mm fan but I am an enthusiast :D good luck, maybe do some more research on the two cases to help you decide .
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