Need an upgrade, gpu or all? help plz

hi all, i will be getting bf3 when its released and my pc will prolly struggle to play it.
i need to know if i can get away with just upgrading the GPU, or will i need to do the lot.
current set up is;

processor : intel Q6600
mainboard : asus P5Q se2
memory : geil black dragon 2GB 800MHz CAS5 X 2
GPU : xfx HD4870 1gb
sound : xfi fatality
case : cms stacker
power : corsair HX520W
monitor : samsung syncmaster940bw 19''

i'm hoping to just to get a
Radeon HD 6950 2 GB
GeForce GTX 560

any advise or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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  1. oops missed the hdds
    samsung 500gb sata 300 16mb x2 (main OS on a spinpoint)
    maxtor 300gb sata 150 16mb
    wd raptor 80gb sata 150 8mb (2nd OS on here)
    seagate 300gb ata 100 8mb
    2x sata dvd rewriters
    + two 40 gb raptors not installed
    its a dual boot setup ;)
  2. Dou you want to max out BF3 or just want to play it? If you want it to max out you will have to change your cpu, vga (al least a 580 gtx) and psu. If not, just change the vga for a 560 ti. You´re going to have a small bottleneck with your current cpu (at stock speed?) but you´ll be fine to play it.
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