Display, LED backlighting or not?


Would you pay ~30% more for having LED backlighting in your LCD?

Why? The difference "pays itself" in power consumption? LED looks better? Is LED in low-budget monitors just fluff?


If you need a concrete example, I am making a choice between

BenQ G2420HDBE
BenQ G2420HDBL

Would you pay $55.23 / £34,21 / €39,83 for LED backlighting instead of "the same" monitor with traditional backlighting?

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  1. I have a LED BenQ and its a great monitor. My last one was a traditional and i much prefer this one. The lighting seems to me to be more even.

    Mactronix :)
  2. So I take it you find LEDs to be worth it because it looks better. :-)

    Anyone else?
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