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Hi, I am new to this site. I have followed it for a while but just registered last week finally.
I have a question about your opinions on upgrading my AMD cpu. I currently have the Phenom II 555 X2 @ 3.6Ghz. It unlocked but cannot load windows so its just a dual core. The motherboard is a Biostar TA790GXE 128M, which is am2+ with ddr2; i know, pretty outdated. I am debating whether to just upgrade the cpu and get a 6 core or even a 955 quad(my mobo supports the am3 X6), go for a completely new setup with ddr3 in am3+/ fm1, or wait.
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  1. if your mobo currently only supports ddr2, then its definitely a good time to pursue a new setup.

    itll be a bigger boost for you if you get a new mobo with ddr3 compatibility and better cpu. it will definitely be worth it in the long run.
  2. As target50 stated, an upgrade to an AM3 board w/DDR3 would be wise. Any 870, 880 or 890 chipset would do good. The 555 CPU may stabily unlock with a newer board. Memory prices are low. You can always upgrade the CPU at a later time.
    I have an 890 board that I ran a 555 on. It unlocked and oc'ed to 3.6. It also ran well as a dual core at 3.6. Much faster than my 550 on a 785 DDR2 board.
  3. +1 Upgrade to an AM3(+?) board with DDR3 and you will stretch your upgrade potential by another few years.
  4. Ok thanks, thats a huge help. Do you think I should get am3+? or just am3. From what I understand, only the am3+ boards will support the bulldozer. If thats the case then I should probably just get an AM3+ board. Also, the new boards are backwards compatible with my am3 chip right?
  5. AM3+ will extend your upgrade window further than AM3 since the nextgen FX are supposed to be AM3+.
  6. Nice, thats what I needed to know. Thanks a lot guys!
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