New 2133 memo

i recently had a bit of faulty with my old G.skill memory
but since i upgraded my system recently (not the memo)
i figured i can get a better memo then i used to have
i run an Asus Maximus IV Rampage
with sandy bridge CPU 6 cores 3930k
now i have been checking which memory would be best between the following ones

The Kingston hyper x
The Corsair Vengeance
The G.skill ripjaw
The G.skill Ripjaw Z
And the G.skill Sniper

i also want to know
is there any difference between a 16GB kit and a X2 8GB kits?
or it is the same?

thanks to anyone who answer
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  1. 16gb can be the following:
    4 sticks of 4gb
    2 sticks of 8gb
    8 sticks of 2gb

    There's no point of anything above 1600mhz, so 2133mhz is a bit of a waste.
  2. you sure there is no difference at all?
    i don't mined spending about 120$ for a 16GB 2133
    if it does hold a difference
    since i change the memo once in few years
    i say if you go buy it then BUY it
  3. can anyone at least tell me which of the brands i asked
    is better?
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