Can i put graphic card on this mobo??(URGENT)

hello help me can i put external graphic card(ZOTAC GTX 550 ti) on this mobo GA-B75M-D3H????
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  1. Off coure you can,odd question indeed,cheers!
  2. asking because seller (shopkeeper) is saying that some mobo,we cant put external graphic cards,thats y asking.
    i think that all mobo , we can put external gpu m i rite?
  3. You will be fine, dont worry.
  4. As long as the board has the required PCIe slot, you can put an external GPU on it.
  5. It can yes. When I first got my PC components, the guys in shop tried selling me the FX-8150 over the FX-4100. It was my first system, I didn't need overkill. Until now... :)

    - Samo
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