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I Just Installed the Corsair H80 Liquid Cpu Cooler and the fans stop working after 5 seconds of booting up. I have the 2 fans plugged into the corsair unit correctly, they can only go in 1 way. The 3 Pin connector from the corsair unit itself is plugged into CPU FAN 4 PIN, and the 2 pin Molex connector is plugged into my power supply. I can't keep my computer on for more than 20 seconds because my CPU temps get too high because the fans aren't working because they stop after 5 seconds of bootup somebody please help
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  1. Or your power supply if failing!
  2. Im positive it's not my power supply. The problem im having is the corsair fans stop working after 5-10 seconds of powering up my computer. My original stockfan worked fine and everything else in my computer works fine its my new Corsair h80 cooler
  3. check voltages, does the new one use more volts, and im sure you've checked over you 4 pin connection?
  4. The fact that your computer will shut down after 20 secs indicates that it is not the CPU or cooling the CPU. The CPU starts at 20 + C and cannot exceed the high temperature limits in 20 seconds. That is true even without a CPU cooler.

    There is something definitely wrong with your rig, but it is not that the fans stop working. I agree with the other experts here that it may be the PSU, but if not the PSU then something else is very wrong. Voltage spiking might cause the mobo to shut down to protect the CPU and itself.

    You have to try something else if you are sure it is not the PSU. Did you use the proper protocols when replacing the cooler? i.e. did you make sure to discharge any static electricity before touching the components inside your case? It sounds to me that you may have fried your rig by failing to take the proper precautions for static electricity.

    But then again it may be something else.
  5. I have experienced this exact problem and I have the solution :)

    I had the the power cable for the cooler connected to the wrong cable from the PSU. It was connected to a PSU cable that only had 2 metal prongs. After I connected it to a PSU cable that had 4 metal prongs it worked like a charm. After more investigation I learned that the cable with 2 metal prongs was connected to my case and not connected directly to the PSU (duh!). Anyway hope this helps.

    Just to provide more details about my problem:

    After turning on the system ONE of the fans would stop after about 10 seconds. Everything else appeared to work correctly except my CPU wasn't being cooled. I could tell the CPU temp was rising because I had enough time to go into the BIOS and see the temp rise to the limit and then the system would shut down.
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