Graphics card boot up problem

Hi Guys,

I tried installing my first ever graphics card the other day and failed to pass the very first hurdle, booting up my machine...

It goes to the initial red and white COMPAQ screen but no further and it doesnt allow you to enter the BIOS from there or anything, it just hangs.

The graphics card is a Gigabyte 9400gs, the mobo is by ECS with a pentium 4 processor and its running Win7 32bit with 2gigs of ram, oh yeah and a 300w power source and its a Compaq Presario SR2009UK BIOS version 3.19. There is an update available for the BIOS but i think its only if youre running xp? or am i wrong there?

So the question any reason a graphics card wouldnt let you past the boot up screen? It recommends a 300W power supply so i presume thats not the problem?
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  1. So check to make sure there are no power connectors on the video card itself. 300watt should be fine as long as that's what the card requirements are however, if the PSU is failing, you may not notice until you apply a significant power draw.

    Double check that the card is seated well and nothing else came lose. It may be that the card is bad, which does happen.
  2. Ya there are no power connectors on the graphics card, i've checked and double checked, the card seems to be seated fine also, the clip on the back comes up nicely when it is inserted so i presumed that meant it was seated properly.
  3. Then you have either a bad card or bad PSU (not able to handle the additional strain). I'd check the memory and other components to double check first, but you can also put in your old video card or another one and see if it boots up fine to determine if the machine is ok otherwise.
  4. Everything else in the computer seems to be working fine but i'm not sure what kind of memory or component checks youre talking about? I dont have another graphics card to check in that computer but i'm gonna check this graphics card in another computer to see if it works and if it does i'll just have to change the PSU,
    Thanks for your responses ill update and let you know how it goes.
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