Best intel motherboard under 100 dollars?

Looking for something with fairly solid build quality that's good for gaming and as future proof as possible. Preferably Sli/Crossfire ready. Any suggestions? This is what I'm looking at right now. Its an Asus which is nice. I don't think the chipset is geared towards gaming, but I don't know a ton about that sort of thing. It's the only ATX Asus board under 100 bucks:

Is that about the best bang for my buck or are their better boards I can go for?
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  1. You really can't expect to much for $100 that's a nice board
  2. All the board I see under $100 are described as only x1 or x4 PCIe 2.0 for the 2nd x16 slot so SLI/CFX performance may be hindered.,2887-10.html

    Some games take a 20-30% hit from using x16x4 instead of x8x8 but most only take a 5-10% hit.
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