New Build - BSOD flash and reset during starting windows.

New build, resetting on "Starting Windows" logo after installing chipset drivers, or adding second stick of ram, or installing a video card.

Also anytime I actually get to windows I get Validation errors for anything I'm trying to run. (CATALYST Install Manager encountered a validation error.
Process name: Installmanagerapp.exe
Module name: Kernalbase.dll
Assert offset: 0000000000017f32

Same thing happened with Internet Exploerer. Here's what I'm working with.

Antec 900w PSU
AMD Phenom ii
Gskill ripsaw 2gb RAM
Samsung 1tb HDD.

I've swapped:
-friends HDD with other windows 7 version.

I'm at a loss of options as I am pretty new to this.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Is your windows a fresh install or are you trying to run on an older install? (a minimum of repair install will be needed with new hardware, full install recommended)
  2. my windows is a fresh install and i have the same problem. Also i have pink and light blue flashes while opening new folder or computer or anything. How can i fix it? memili.tamer7[at]
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