PSU buzzing when CPU is idle or low load

My old motherboard died recently, so I had to upgrade my mobo, CPU, and RAM. Also added a DVD burner. Anyway, after building (or re-building) my pc, I decided now's the time to address this longstanding noise that's been coming from the Corsair VX450 PSU. It's an electronic buzzing or chirping noise that is definitely coming from the PSU and it intensifies when I move the mouse or scroll a page with the mouse wheel. It doesn't happen when first booting and going into BIOS setup. It begins as soon as the Starting Windows logo appears. Whenever my CPU shows a load of about 50% or more, then the noise ceases. I tested this using Prime 95 and PCMark 7, as well as when playing Command & Conquer 3.

I RMA'd the unit, but the replacement is doing the exact same thing! Doing a lot of research and found just how common this problem is for Corsair and other manufacturers. I'm reluctant to do another RMA, so I'm hoping that there's something in the BIOS that I can adjust.

Here's what I've tried so far:
- Disconnected all drives, graphics card, case fan, front panel USB and audio cables.
- In BIOS setup, disabled C1E under CPU Configuration.
- In BIOS setup, disabled Anti-Surge Support under Power.
- Connected the power cable to another outlet in another room on a different power circuit.

I read a possible solution that someone found that involved fixing Vcore to 1.2V, but I don't know how to do that and I'm frankly very nervous since I've never messed around with voltages.

(I also didn't install every driver or utility on the motherboard CD, in case that is relevant.)

Could really use some advice from you kind folks. :D This buzzing is really getting on my nerves!
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  1. OK, I also read your posts at the Corsair forum. My solution, and you will probably not like it, is to RMA the unit and buy a different PSU. It sounds like the draw at idle on the PSU forces it into a power range that produces the clicking sounds. This may be a design flaw with that particular PSU.

    I was running a Corsair 650TX (now upgraded to a PCP&C 950W) and had none of the issues with clicking at idle.

    The suggestion of switching to 1.2V is a possible one, but the PSU may show the same clicking at a higher draw. The problem is that you will not know until you try it.

    PSUs under $50 are notorious for problems. Although Corsair is a reputable product it has to cut corners to get its products to that price range. I suspect that you need to spend more on a better ot higher powered unit.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Chesteracorgi. You're right... I don't like the idea of buying a new PSU, but that may be my last choice.
  3. Could someone please tell me how to adjust the Vcore in BIOS setup? I looked myself, but couldn't find it. All I found was Vcore under HW Monitor, but that can't be it.
  4. Well, it's finally been resolved! It took two RMA's, but I finally got a VX450 that is silent at idle and under load! Thanks to Corsair customer support for providing a shipping label for the second RMA. :)
    Left the BIOS settings at default, so C1E, Cool 'n Quiet, and Anti-Surge Support are all enabled.
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