Dvd writer not detected by asus m2n68am

Dear friends,

Help needed My Lg pata dvd writer is not detected in asus m2n68am mother board ,but is working fine with other system...

how to rectify the motherboard it in warranty ..where to contact? the place i bought the mother board is too far from my home.


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  1. IDE port is probably switched off in BIOS?
  2. No i have checked it ..,there is no option to switch off.
  3. Did this just suddenly start happening? or is this the first time you have tried to use the drive and it's not being detected?
  4. this happened suddenly..its was working fine for more than a year..
  5. There is of cause an option to switch it off in main menu under IDE configuration.
  6. ok will check again say ...
  7. will say as soon ...
  8. clearing CMOS ALOS DINT WORK..any other solution please.
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