Is the Intel stock cooler good enough?


I'm planning to upgrade my computer with new hardware. New CPU, motherboard, ram. I'm going to get the Intel Core i5-2300 socket 1155. While I was watching some unboxings on Youtube I saw that the stock cooler is very small and thin. Much smaller than the one that came with my socket 775 CPU. I'm planning to use the computer for some video editing and some medium gaming. I'm on a very strict budget, so every dollar counts. Since this CPU cannot overclock can I get away with the stock cooler and have reasonable temperatures? Or should I purchase a cheap cooler such as this one.

Thank you for any help you can give.
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  1. The stock heatsink will be fine.
  2. by all means you should be able to overclock, but it will be fine without an overclock, trust me they wouldnt send a heat sync out there actively knowing it will overheat
    (dont argue with that :P)
  3. The Intel cooler will do for many uses. But if you need to go with a better aftermarket cooler upgrade to this one: It is not for huge OC'ing, but for a few $$ more than the one you linked to you will get a much better cooler. BTW you can probably wait for a sale, but it is a good value as priced.
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