Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R v1 - RAM and SSD upgrade

Hello everyone,

I am currently having Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R v1 motherboard.

My configuration: i7 930, 3x 2GB of CL9 RAM from Kingston, 1TB Sata3 HDD WD 10EARX, 2 TB from WD, Gigabyte ATI 5850

Question 1: I am planning to upgrade my RAM memory.
1.a: 1st, not extremely expensive yet doubles the price, is to buy 6x4GB
1.b: 2nd option, on half the price, is to buy only 3x4GB. To not have compatibility issues I would go for Kingston also and it would be just great (18 GB of RAM should be perfect for my needs). Question is.. Could there be any conflict on the triple channel? I am planning to add it 2+4 GB on each channel. Should that be ok? Or will I have any errors?

Question 2: I am also planning to buy SSD for my OS. I'm a gamer, so 120 GB might not be enough. Plans would be, maybe, to get 2x120 GB in raid0.
2.a: I found OCZ Agility 3. Benchmarks on the web says it can reach what the box says and it is 25 EUR cheaper than OCZ Vertex 3, which just got a tiny bit of speed over on paper. Question is.. Is it worth the 25 EUR more? And if yes, why?
2.b: I was reading a post on this forum - it said that the chipset can reach 500 Mb/s. Newbie question is.. are those 500Mb/s for only one adapter, right? So.. If I will put them in raid 0, it should normally drive close to 1000 Mb/s, isn't it?
2.c: In the same budget of Agility 3, should there be any better option? (haven't found yet)
2.d: Is there any reason that I should avoid OCZ SSD's?
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  1. One other question is.. Did anyone over here got to 500Mb/s on a single disk?
  2. Anyone? :(
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