Monitor problem... please help!

I was just polishing my keyboard and I have just pressed a button (or buttons) which has created a black boarder around my screen - effectively making it an inch or so smaller. The res also seems a little poorer.

Cant seem to get rid of it.

Didnt think you could alter your screen just by pressing keyboard buttons! Strange!

Any suggestions on how to get rid of this black boarder - its really annoying me now!

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  1. Go to CCC/my digital flat panels/Scaling Options and set Overscan to 0% that should get rid of that border.
  2. Thats great! ...but whats CCC?
  3. ATI now AMD's Catalyst Control Center also called AMD Vision Engine Control Center, It's usually installed with your video card drivers or you can down load it from here; Or here;
    Edit What driver ver. do you have installed for your 5770?
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