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hey all i wanna know if any 1 can help me or not my toshiba laptop has a overheating issue every time its not ontop of my portable aircon it goes right up to 89c but im fine with it on the aircon having it at 15c - 25c just the thing is my system is fucked when its on the aircon n gettin that temp 15c - 25c it still says my computer is overheaded a system warning its stopping me from playing my games and as im typing now it keeps poping up is their a way to disable the system overheating error message or to have my games on top of everything
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  1. over heated i ment sorry for the grammer i write to fast n misspell alot
  2. if its overheating, erm HITTING 90C, there is somthing very wrong (apart from being a labtop)

    your err... aircon does it get hot, does your labtop get as hot if it was in your lap?
  3. it over heats to 90c when i take it off the aircon when its on the aircon its 15c to 25c i use speedfan to see my temps but my question is that i get a warning message even thou im 15c - 25c and in that warning message it says my computer is over heating n i need to put it in for service my speedfan software says 15c - 25c and when i feel underneth my pc its cold as is their so in terms of my computer cold it seems my system is fucked up n thinks its overheating is their a way to get rid of the overheating warning message because its not going away n everytime i play a game it minimizes the game when the message pops up n when i click ok it goes away full screen my game 10 secs later happens again i need to get rid of that errror message how do i do it
  4. Q: the message appears when you no are playing

    if no then the cpu or gpu is overheading, no the toshiba laptop

    if yes then looks like a software issue, recommend start over from the factory default
  5. the computer isnt overheating it says 15c - 25c on speedfan n is cold on the bottem of the laptop it displays the message more when the cpu is being used more like when playin a game or rendering or watch vids or playin music but still displays it alot even if its idle its not over heating and no matter wat i do with it or just leave it it still displays the message
  6. return to the factory default that will solve the problem
    my toshiba laptop shutdown every 2 hours no matter what i am doing in it
  7. i dnt have the recovery disks how am i suppost to reboot my pc with out getting rid of everything on my pc
  8. put everything important in the cloud
    restart and press F8
  9. pritty much everything on the my computer is important i dnt put anything on this pc that isnt
  10. better start to upload or burns dvd
  11. ok but if i do this and it turns out it didnt help im gunna be pissed off
  12. are you planning to RMA it?
    i would think thats the best plan
  13. no because if any 1 is gunna fix the fans in my laptop it will be me ive fixed a floppy a drive had to take it apart and take something out of it and put it back to gether also had to take 2 laptops part peice by peice n put it all back to gether in working condition and same with my guitar amp had to fix a bent plug in on the amp n im building my own computer by the end of the month and i can fix any pc problem just dunno how to stop errors showing up on the computer
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