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i have 2 gtx 580s in sli on a gigabyte ga-x58 ud5 mobo, and i want to remove one of the cards, the problem is, they seem to be locked into place, even when i put alot of force into pulling it. i have never had a problem reomoving a pci-e card ever plz help if you know what i can do to get this card out.
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  1. Am not sure how we can help here. You can call up some technician to look into it. Or may be ask any of your more experienced/knowledgeable friends to help. Btw, what is the exact problem you are facing? Am assuming that you did untie the screws and removed the SLI bridge before trying to take out the card. There is also a pci express lock at the end of the slot. Did you try holding it down while trying to release the card? You can also try releasing the card by lifting it from the front (towards the video out ports).
  2. There is a little piece of plastic that locks it in you need to push down on to remove your gpu.
  3. After removing all lock downs on the back plate, from out side the case nudge the back plate DVI socket up a little & then with other hand move lock tab and lift that side up a little and it should come right out.
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