Which amd quad core to get?

Hello Fellow Tommers! :hello:

I am at a predicament right now...newegg is having a sale for the phenom II x4 925 for 89 bucks, with another 10 bucks off. seems like a decent deal, i can manage to OC it as well.


The other processor i am looking at is the x4 640 propus...it keeps pace, if not bests it due to clock speed.


it is also almost 20 bucks more...which would you all pick? im really considering the extra cache (pun intended) for lower price...anyone else agree?
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  1. go for the 925, you will get much more outta it
  2. If you plan to overclock the Phenom II X4 will be better, both processors will have similar limits, besides being cheaper it does offer the better price/performance ratio.
  3. awesome, done deal then! thanks guys!

    would you agree with my ram choice as well for OC, or suggest something else?

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