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I have my AMD Six core 1055t Overclocked from stock 2.8 GHZ to 3.3 GHZ currently. I have the H80 Liquid Cpu Cooler Installed and I get 33-35C MAX with Prime95. I was thinking of overclocking to 3.8 GHZ Because my temperatures are very good but would I have to raise the voltages or anything because When I overclocked from 2.8 GHZ to 3.3 All i did was Change my CPU bus frequency from 200 to 240 and I turned off amd turbo core technology and thats it.

240x14.0 = 3360MHZ

Also My Dram I was able to keep at 1600 on 240 bus Frequency.
However Anywhere from 241-299 Cpu Bus Frequency will not let me choice 1600.
I dont want to run my ram at 1533 or some crazy number like 1700+ somebody please help
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  1. Just keep your ram close to 1600 little slower or higher does not affect performance noticeably. It is based on each individual CPU how much and if you need to overvolt on vcore.
  2. For 3.8GHz the system clock will need 270MHz and probably 1.45v or so. At the 5.33 divider that's 1440MHz on your RAMs. That should work fine - even better if you can drop your timings a bit. Check out the 'SPD' tab in CPUz and there may a timings 'surprise' available to you.

    If that is not of interest, running the IMC/NB at 9x270MHz 1.25v NB VID (or even 10x270MHz if you want to tweak on it) should increase memory bandwidth 7-8% and reduce latency 7-8% which should more than offset the loss in memory speed.

    Even Mo' Bettah: Cranking the IMC/NB coupled with reduced timings, your memory performance will be flyin' high
  3. a while back xbitlabs had a write up on over clocking that processor. you may want to search it out.
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