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hey i had a 5770 and got an idle temp of around 38C my mate now has my card and gets a temp of 44-46 idle was wondering what would make that much of a difference? we both had the same case so its not air ventilation could it be too do with the parts like the motherboard?
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  1. they can't affecting each other directly but ambient temperature will. did he use the same fan speed as you before? btw it is better to keep good air flow in the case if you want to bring down the temperature.
  2. nope hes using the highest speed plus a trick i learned as well to get the temp down more i got a standard processor fan that came with my 1090t and placed it on top which brung the temp down a little and the ventilation is probably better with his than it was with mine seeings it was covered up but yet i get better temps
  3. lol. learn how to use fullstops. btw if he have good air flow he doesn't need to set the fan speed at 100%. if you run the fan at 100% at all time the fan are going to die fast.
  4. that is true the fan will but its not at that speed the whole time im just using the example temp at that speed. :)

    to me it dont make much sense its like my card i have the 6970 direct cu 2 at one point my temps were idle 41 i know not high but normally idles at 34-36C then i install new ram and the temps gone back done it just confuses the hell out of me lol.
  5. well those extra RAM also produce heat. if you don't have proper air flow those extra heat will raise your ambient temperature
  6. i know they do but its the same type of ram i switched from vengeance 2x2gb too vengeance 2x4gb exact same position
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