Msi board + 8 gbs ram = Problem PLEASE HELP!

Hey ppls,

I hope everybody is well. I have a problem that i can't undestand or more like figure out.
My Pc:
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
thermaltake smart PSU 730W
Processor core i5
dvd writer
3 hard drives two 320 gb and a 500 gb

Now currently in the pc I am using 4gb of ram ddr3 (2x2GB) it works fine like this. The MB has four slots, the two 2gb sticks are in DIMM 1 & 3 (dual channel). Pc works fine plays all games on high or ultra settings .

I purchased a single 4gb stick same type of memory (kingston 1333mhz). When i installed the 4gb stick in DIMM slot 2 the computer does not boot. When its insterted in DIMM slot 4, the computer boots fine, but as soon as i log on and start any game with in 15-20 mins the computer restarts itself. btw never had this problem before.

Frist though came to mind is a bad memory stick. So I went back to the same store, I purchased a new 4 gb stick same memory (kingston 1333) to try in which if the other one was faulty i will be given a full refund.

Went home tried the same thing again with the 4gb stick same error. no boot in DIMM 2, boot in DIMM 4 but same crashes.

:fou: :fou:

Now for experiment purposes i took out the (2x2gb) and insterted the (2X4gb) one in DIMM 1 & the other in DIMM 3. Computer boots, but same problem as i started a game or any memory extensive application the computer restarts without no warning this time i got a error kernal-power.

I tried on single stick (4gb) one at a time in DIMM 1 computer boots runs normal, plays games etc.

I want to be able to use the (2x4gb)=8GB or even (2x4gb) + (2x2gb) = 12gbs and i cant't.
The MB manual states its able to handle 16GBs if memory (4X4GB)

Any assistance would be great

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  1. Does your BIOs see the RAM sticks? Have you tried to run memtest86+?
  2. Hey sorry about the late reply my computer died!!

    I tried to flash the went correctly when time to restart the machine did not boot!!!!

    I cant even get in to the bios recovery it just a BLACK SCREEN and then the monitor will automaically switch off .

    I hope i didnt brick the board. Can you help me with this pleasee !!

    is there any way i can get back my pc without having to get a new board ?
  3. oh and yes to your question the bios does see the 8 gbs of ram
  4. So after you press the power button, does anything light up?
  5. yes it lights up the cd drive spins continously but thats about it nothing else no response on the keyboard i tried pressing the ctrl and home nothing still
    took out the jumper same unplugged it for a over night same thing !!
  6. even took out the cmos battery for a hour same thing

    when i took out all the memory the board beeped the normal beep for no memory
  7. no help any one plese
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