Dear Lord. Someone please help! Just about a week ago I started getting white artifacts after closing a game. The system locks up, the driver crashes--then restarts (as the windows popup indicates). I'm running a 570 (not overclocked), with an i7 (overclocked), and more than adequate voltage though an APC power conditioner for 1200 Volts. Repeat: definitely not voltage.

So, I set profiles for all my applications, increase fan for games and motion graphics software. Still happens. So, I figure... time to try and reinstall my drivers. Launch the NVDIA installer, choose clean install... install fails. Okay. So, safemode; manually attempt to remove each individual driver component. No dice. Uninstallers won't load.

I'm stumped. I don't want to use those driver sweeper applications if I can help it. And returning to factory settings seems like the most drastic of measures. But it seems like I'm out of options. Thoughts? Advice? Help? Please!?
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  2. Anyone? I tried driver sweeper this morning. Uninstalled the card. Removed everything. Culled the registry of anything Nvidia. Went to reinstall the drivers... nvidia setup says they're still installed. Clean install failed. I feel like I'm losing my mind.
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