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Hi all,

I'd love to know all you guys' i5s 2500k's temperatures at idle and at full load.
Please list the temp monitor software you're using and your ambient room temperature.

My i5 @4.4GHz
Zalman 9500 HSF
Tested and monitored with P95 and Realtemp

28C - 32C idle
62C - 66C full load
25C room temperature

Is it good? bad? normal?
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  1. HSF = Arctic Freezer 13
    CPU = i5-2500k @ 4.6GHz

    Idle Temps: 28-33
    Load Temps: 64-67
    Room Temp: About 20 degree's

    Your temps look very normal/average. Idle always seems to be around 30 and load around 65 with a good HSF/and or Over-clock

    EDIT: Temps monitored with HWMonitor and used PRIME95 to get full load temps.
  2. @Adrian,

    Wow, your temps are awsome. If I OC it to 4.6, it will probably hit 70C or 72C. BTW, I have Zalman 9500. Almost got the same one you have but I need something low for my mid tower case. I think I'll look for a better board from ASUS.
  3. i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz
    Noctua NH-D14

    Idle Temps: 31-35c
    Load Temps:62-65c
    Room Temp: 20c

    RealTemp and PRIME95
  4. im at 4.7 ghz with a 2500k nd a h80 water cooler nd im maxin at 50c load my mobo wont let me get to 4.8 sadly its a msi z68a-g43
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