Best mid-range, mid tower case?


I'm going to downgrade my case soon, as it's too big and noisy for me (Antec DF-85).

I'm on a budget, but it's not too restrictive (below £100 is all I have) I was thinking of a Silverstone RV03, or maybe a Fractal Design R3. I'm open to suggestions, but and understated design is what I kinda want.

Also, if anyone in the UK is interested in buying a used DF-85, then let me know.
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  1. FRACTAL are really nice cases.

    I personally have a CM Storm Scout which cost me about £55 i think and its a great case for a good price. Id recommend it to anyone looking for a build that doesn't require space for water-cooling.
  2. The R3.
  3. R3 +1
  4. Thanks for all the input, guys. One thing I was concerned about with the R3 was cooling. I've got a MSI Twin frozr 2 6950, which expels air into the case, as opposed to out the back. also got a Phenom 2 X6 with a CM V8 on it, not sure about the difference with that though.
  5. The FRACTAL R3 case has space for front intake fans, rear exhaust and roof exhaust.

    Heat shouldn't be any issue at all. The only thing that might make a small difference was if the case has a side fan to blow cold air directly onto your GPU.

    Either way MSI cards have their own great cooling fans and heat should never be an issue even when pushing the card to its limits.
  6. arc midi
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