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Hello,I have a COMPAQ CQ3020IL Desktop pc. I want to play Burnout paradise on my pc but I am unable to play because my on board graphics(intel G33/G31) don't support pixel shader 3.0. Please suggest a decent(cheap) graphic card for playing the above game.
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  1. Seeing you have a 180w Powersupply, I dont think you can go beyond a 5450. Even then, It might be too harsh on it.

    XFX 5450:
  2. Yep. Radeon HD 5450 would be it. It's been a while since I saw someone with a PSU that is below 200w.

    The following HD 5450 sell for $20 after a $20 mail in rebate + $3 shipping.
  3. replace the psu with a cheap antec basiq 350w, then get a gt240 or something.
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