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hey guys, im looking to get a stand alone audio card that will run on a regular PCI slot or one of those mini PCI slots. it needs a Midi in and out, optics, headphone amp. most of the bells and whistles. $150 dollar budget.

thanks in advance.
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  1. Do you mean in a x1 PCIe slot (small white slot that you called a mini PCI slot)? What make and model of motherboard are you using? Also, is this for gaming, music, etc? Also what kind of speakers are you using (want to use)?
  2. Look at the Asus Xonar series...as above COLGeek, you need to tell of your specific needs, for us to help you better. Cheers.
  3. I know that some ASUS cards still have a midi port as an attachment, but they are getting REALLY hard to find these days...
  4. my PC specs are in my profile.
  5. Is this for gaming, music, etc? Also what kind of speakers are you using (want to use)?

    We still need this info as well.
  6. im using a denon AVC 1610 5.1 surround. everything , gaming , music, music composition.
  7. this;

    or this;

    but looking at prev posts...you'll most likely choose the former :)

    * honestly, the last good card creative made were the audigy 2's. I had the Audigy 2 Platinum and that was for gaming->music listening->dj'ing->music composing(though my friends used it more than me :). And most people jsut scream of horrible support from creative.
  8. I think you'll only find midi cards for good old pci (not express).

    I'd look at the HT-Omega and M-Audio line ups.

    If you go for a non-midi pci-e card. Either get a regular creativelabs x-fi titanium (don't spend over $80) or better yet an Asus Xonar DX.

    You could also try looking for a midi to usb adapter. That way you wouldn't need it on the sound card.
  9. I have a Midi to USB adapter already. it words decent enough. yeah maybe i will take a look at the asus lot. and just keep using my mini to usb. it runs my Yamaha p-80 digital piano really well with mixcraft 5
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