Help me choose between Cisco Linksys E2000 and E1000

I'm getting a new router for my home network. I'm currently with Comcast and I get around 19MB with my Zoom Docsis3.0 Modem.

3 Computers at max will be using the router to connect to the network. 2 Laptops connecting wirelessly and 1 desktop connecting with ethernet cable.

2 Computers are pretty much used for gaming while the other 1 is usually used for downloading and streaming videos.

I would like to go with the one that will give me faster speed and reliability. I know E2000 better and more expensive than E1000 but if E1000 is more than enough for my needs, I don't really want to spend the extra $30~$40 to get an overkill E2000.

What do you guys think? I had my mind made up on E2000 for a while but like I said, I don't want to spend extra for an overkill that will not do me any good compared to the E1000.
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