USB/SD Port Issues


Thanks for checking my post

I have been having difficulties with transferring video files to memory sticks/SD cards:

-Once I have transferred a video file .wmv .mp4 or .avi's via usb or sd card it becomes corrupted and unplayable, on other devices and the source computer, where they run fine.

-Thought it might be my usb cable however I recently successfully transferred an old .avi which was saved to my drive which was around 700mb, I attempted this with another .avi file of 300mb which I recently downloaded and it became corrupted, and I couldn't play it on the source computer but I can play it on my C drive fine. From what I understand of computers (not much) this doesn't make much sense because the usb would have to transfer more info from the older file than the newer, which has got me thinking it might be the date I saved the file to my hard disk?

Any help would be really appreciated :)


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  1. This is due to virus or your memory card is corrupted..scan your card or try tools to recover the data from memory card
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