Geforce 8400gs 20 seconds before display on monitor

guys need your help i just try to installed my old video card geforce 8400gs palit 512mb and when i power up my pc it takes 20-25 seconds before display anything on screen sometimes i need to press the reset button before it displays on screen the computer specs etc. and when i get into windows it functioning normally and i have no idea why my video card takes 20-25 seconds before display

have you guys encounter this problem before?
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  1. I might have an idea. Go to BIOS and check your initial video output port. If it's set to anything different from PCI-E, the motherboard will take some time (20-25 seconds you have) checking other ports (PCI, integrated VGA) before outputting video signal through the PCI Express graphics card. Change the initial port to PCI-E.
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