Using buffalo like wifi card?

Ok thing is i have whr-G 125 buffalo router.
What i want to do is use it like wifi card.
My friend has another Wifi router and he has internet connection so i would like to connect into his network using my buffalo so i could surf internet on my pc. (and pulling a cable between two buildings is impossible in my case d**n crackheads and those st*pid a**'s)

I mean my pc-->buffalo-->(friends router)--->internet

I dont have wlan card or money to buy one sadly
(thanks to my flat screen tv and new phone)...
I know my friends password allready only how to configure it?
I have read something about custom firmware what should be possible to do this.

DD-WRT or something.
(if i didnt understood wrong it allready has that firmware)

Would it be even fun to do it easy way ;)
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