My computer keeps saying internal battery failure?

I have just got my laptop back after comet replaced the hard drive, this has been the 3rd time they have done this and my laptop is only 18 months old! Everytime I start it a warning message is stating that my internal battery is needing replaced! what does this mean? and is this covered by my insurance with Comet?
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  1. The internal battery (called a CMOS battery) is a small, coin-type battery which sits on the motherboard under a metal clip. It's purpose is to supply a constant and independent source of power to the CMOS chip so that the BIOS does not lose it's existing hardware configuration information.
    It's unlikely to be covered by the warranty or any insurance-scheme.

    Ask a friend to change the battery for you if are unsure about doing it yourself.
  2. Thanx
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