New GPU to carry me through to new tech

G'day guys.

I am planning on spending a good amount of money to build an ivy bridge comp with the 7 series AMD's to be released later this year.

For now, I am still currently using a pretty old system.

Pentium D 3.4Ghz
2gb Ram
Geforce 9500GT
600w PSU

Was wondering what card to I could get to replace my dead 9500GT to carry me through for the next few months (enough to play games like modern warfare 2, WoW on high settings) without being bottle necked by the processor :)

The monitor is new, 24 inch 20,000:1 HD etc.

EDIT: Happy get a cheap 4gb RAM kit to replace what I have too.

Cheers in advance,

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  1. I do not think that there is much past the 9500 GT that will not be bottlenecked by that Pentium D.

    As i recall, WOW is a CPU-happy game so i don't think you would see any improvements with a minor upgrade to a video card like a 9600 GT and anything higher than a 9600 GT will surely be bottlenecked.

    In the end it will likely not be worth it to upgrade the video card with that Pentium D.
  2. What kind of a budget are you looking at?

    *Edit* the above poster has a point, I guess if you wanted to, instead of a 7 series GPU, grab yourself a GTX 560 ti or GTX 570 and hold it over into the new system.
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