Power Supply going out and Disk Drive error

Hello, I didn't see any forum dealing with computer problems (unless I over looked it) and decided to try posting here.

Something odd happened yesterday and I have yet to figure out what I did wrong, I had taken my video card (ATI RADEON HD 5850) out to clean the fan, after cleaning and putting the card back in I powered up the computer. After roughly 2-3 minutes the power supply went out, I tried turning the computer back on but the power supply would only run for a few seconds. I checked all the wiring to see if something had come loose when I was moving the video card and no such luck.

Later I tried running the computer again and I was able to run it for a few mintues, during the boot-up I got a message that a NTSF Disk Drive was corrupted and needed to be repaired, but again the power supply went out. I've thus far checked the power strip which is working properly and have been checking the wiring which also seems fine. I've been trying to get into the BIOS-menu to see if my computer is registering my harddrive but the power supply still keeps going out.

So to sum up-
-Sudden Power Supply problem after taking out and cleaning video card
-Potential Disk Drive or harddrive corruption (uncomfirmed since I can't keep the computer running long enough)

Do I need to post the specs of the computer or is this description sufficient? Thank you.
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  1. PSU or mobo, can you try another PSU? Did you try pulling the card out again and see if it would stay on?
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