Firepro gl v9800 vs Radeon hd 6990

this is a battle of the titans the most powerfull gaming graphics vs the most powerful workstation graphics

1) gaming graphics is a whole lot cheaper than workstation graphics why?

2) how well does a v9800 do at gaming vs the hd 6990

3) how well does a hd 6990 do at programs like Maya, Inventor, Photoshop, Auto-cad and so on vs the v9800

opinions benchmarks and thoughts POST!
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  1. 1. About 3,000 posts on this
    2. Workstation drivers are not made for speed, will be slower than a top gaming card
    3. It will run it but not as fast, depending on what you do with the programs. Some functions will be faster on the pro card, some won't be. Plus the official support for the programs would only include "certified" systems.
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