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What PSU Would a GTX 570 Require?

I'm looking at getting a GTX 570 and I'm a little worried about my power supply not being able to handle it. Right now, I've got a 630W, and it says I only need a 550W on Nvidia's site. I'm still a little skeptical because I plan to max out all my games.
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  1. what exact PSU do you have? Your power on the 12v rail (powers your video card) is more important then what your PSU power states. I would look at 40a+ on your 12v rail, preferably around 48a.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    That's my PSU. Forgive me, I'm not that PSU savvy (which is why I'm asking this) but it looks like I've got 44a in total right? Because I've got 2 12v rails... I think?
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    it's not a great PSU, i would avoid raidmaxx PSU as they are not known to be reliable. I doubt that unit can even peak at 630w, much less continuously provide that power. It actually has a single 12v rail (as most PSU do) that has been split (its common). The PSU does not state the power provided by the 12v but I doubt it is above 40a or that the PSU can even provide that power. Here are some budget PSU i would look at if you want to upgrade (i would if I was you).

    $65 out the door plus an MIR, its modular

    $65 good power, bronze efficiency, good platform (seasonic)

    $69 plus MIR, good power, solid platform

    basically identical to the modstream above but with a red fan, for the same price & MIR

    $70, not as much power as some others but will do the job and is modular

    from the above PSU, I would go with the antec 620w, its a great price and plenty of power. The modstream would be my pick if you want a modular unit.
  4. Nice, thank you! I'll upgrade then, I really don't want to risk it.
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