Do i need an intel

So my main computer right now uses a phenom 9550. People call the original phenoms bad.
Anyway, its not slow, but i want MOAR.

Built my bro a PC about 3 years ago, using a core 2 quad, i thing it clocks in somewhere between 2 and 2.5 GHz.
This thing is fast, in my opinion.

But apparently, things can be much faster.
How would a FX4100 or phenom2 955 compare to those two?

I was building myself a PC, but its hard to justify spending 200 on an i5...if theres not going to be a signifcantly noticible difference between it and an AMD processor.
Just wanted to know.

My bro has that core 2 quad, 4GB, 9600GT, etc. its pretty fast, i just want FAST.
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  1. Did not have a selection possibility for 9550
    The 955 is substantially faster and many AM2+ boards support it, looks to be a logical upgrade to me if motherboard accepts it.
  2. i5-2500k is currently the best cpu to get.
  3. What is your budget?

    The Phenom II and the new FX CPUs competes against Intel's older Core 2 Duo / Quad CPUs. Intel's 1st generation (Nehalem) and 2nd generation (Sandy Bridge) Core i3/i5/i7 are faster than their AMD counterpart. In games the slowest Sandy Bridge dual core Core i3 CPU can compete very well against quad core Phenom II X4, that are clocked at higher speeds, in games.

    FX is not much of an improvement over Phenom II when it comes to games. It is basically a new CPU that performs the same as the Phenom II.
  4. You don't NEED Intel, but there is much better performance there.
  5. if you can fit a phenom ii x4 in that motherboard, get one before stocks run out.
    list of phenom ii at
    rumor has it amd is eol'ing ph ii (probably except zosma) and athlon to make room for newer cpus and apus. i noticed that newegg hasn't restocked their ph ii 955s yet.
    edit: don't listen to rumors, make your decisions based on facts. if your motherboard supports ph ii, make sure they're available from your place of purchase in case you decide to buy one.
  6. if you want to build a pc faster than your current one and if you want to build now and you have the budget, you could get one with the following components:
    core i5 2500k/2600/2600k
    coolermaster hyper 212+ $34
    asus/gigabyte z68 motherboard (may be one with pcie 3.0 capability) around $140-170
    8 gb ddr3 1600 ram
    90-120 gb ssd
    amd radeon hd 6950 / nvidia gtx 560 ti/570
    you could also wait a bit longer (q2-q3 2012) and build yourself an ivb system with new 28 nm gfx cards.
    the i5 build will certainly be faster. can't say about ivb until it comes out.
    you don't need intel to build a fast pc. you can build a reasonably fast pc from many choices available without intel cpus.
  7. Quote:
    In my knowledge the fastest CPU in the present market is the quad core CPU. It is advertised with speed of 2.4 or 2.66GHZ. An old P4 chip can get 3.0GHz. Is there anything faster than 3.0GHZ?
    I am not sure about its range, but I think it will be expensive.

    in my knowledge
    fastest is i7-3960
  8. well i wasent going to put it in my current computer, i was going to build a new one. will a phenom 955 or a FX be faster than a core 2 quad at around 2.5 GHz?
  9. they are faster than core2quad
    also fx4xxx is only duel core
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