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My brother cant connect to the internet. He has Cable internet and its connected directly to the Modem. His xbox live works and His internet works. I got his internet to work for 2 days last time I was there. His Network adaptors are hidden, he cant uninstall them due to this...failed to uninstall the device. The device may be required to boot up the computer... He has no icon for anything in Network connections. He has a realtek fast ether net controller off his motherboard. Yes it works fine. The internet wouldnt work using a PCI ethernet card also. I did something to it to get it to work 2 weeks ago. do you think its his modem even though his xbox live works?
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  1. Doubt it. Check the bios, sometimes those devices can be turned on and off in the bios. Also, may want to check out the system for viruses/spyware, sometimes viruses/spyware will attack your internet connection to keep you from downloading virus updates, etc.
  2. I went and visited my brother again. I got it fixed in 10 mins of actually being there. It wouldnt detect his Network hardware so I did ADD hardware of a similar type and uninstalled it afterwards and rebooted, then it recognized his correct one.
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